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I have finished the main work on the windows and door and have the intial fit on the windshield done. On the rear window frames I decided to use 3/4 in square tubing so I would have a surface to attach interior panels too later. We also decided to put a window in the main door to help with visibility for floats and for better views. A bit more work for sure but worth it. I went with 2.5mm plexi for all the glass. Any thicker than this and the rear windows would have been too tight a fit and I thought it would be a good thickness for main windows as well. All the trim pieces around the windows and door is .025.  The skylight will be 1/8 bronze lexan.  How I did the windows is shown mostly on the door. I used 1/2 x 1/2 x .062 aluminum angle but machined one side down to 3/8 so that part would sit down nicely against the tubing and not leave a ridge.

I only took  pics when the windows and door were finished and ready for riveting but I will try and show how I did them.

We decided that we are going to bond the windshield in place as this will be a much nicer finished look in the end. I also remade the side formers too allow a larger area for the windshield to slide behind.


  1. Not bad for a first try! More like fantastic!!!! B & P

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