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The gallery below shows an overview of a standard build kit that I did for Colin Dyke from Brockville ON.  Colin only lives a half hour from me so was able to be very hands on during the project.  Alot of details and extra’s went into this kit and the total build time was 2600 hours.  It has an ECI 0-360 from Aerosport Power and a Catto fixed pitch prop, an interior from Classic Aero and the panel features an MGL Odyssey EFIS. We flew GYOG to Oshkosh in 2010 and Colin now has over 200 hours TT.

That is Colin in most of the pictures, with one of his employees helping buck the centre section,  another builder friend of mine, Dale Lamport,  helped hang the engine and that’s my wife Denise who helped me when installing the gear, among other things, when I needed another set of hands. This plane was painted by Kolorfast, a paint shop we had at the airport, unfortunately they are no longer in business.


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