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Bob Barrow's prototype Patrol

I am currently building a Bearhawk Patrol Deluxe Quick Build Kit for Brian Cross from Brampton Ontario.  The kit comes from Avipro, located in Austin Texas. I have one of the early deluxe kits.  For more info on the Bearhawk and Patrol visit

Eric Newton, a US rep for Avipro, is building a standard QB kit at the present and outlines a good portion of the kit in detail on his website   Therefor I will not bother going into detail on area’s that Eric has already covered on his site, which don’t differ from what I have done.  I will outline the build from my perspective and elaborate on area’s I feel need more detail or that I have done differently.

Also, in Canada, we have a different process to which we have to adhere to. We usually have to have, depending on the kit, two precover inspections and a final inspection.  This can change the order in which things are done relative to what inspections are required.

Please note that in the following galleries, a good percentage of components shown must come apart and be put back together on final assembly, therefor, allot of the fasteners are temporary or missing nuts, pins, safety wire ect.

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