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This section will show the landing gear including float mounts and brakes.  The float attach kit is made for the BH  so I needed to do a fair bit of cutting and grinding to make them work.  If you order a kit before it gets made the factory can weld these on for you.

I made the two aeroquip brake lines up that go from the bottom of the brake cylinders to the bulkhead former, then ran two stainless braided lines that I already had, from the former to the fittings at the top of the gear legs.  I had seen a set up using Nylaflow tubing to go from firewall to the upper connection of the brake master and decided to try that as I  had not done that before, but I think I will replace them with aeroquip lines. There is allot of movement there and I just don’t feel comfortable with those plastic lines.  I also welded on two tabs for connecting the aeroquip lines to the tubing as any clamps would not let the floor sit flush.

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