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The fuel system is pretty much complete from firewall back. You will notice the new Andair fuel boost pump, this pump is very compact and easy to install. We need this as the engine is fuel injected.

We are using the Newton fuel selector valve, I really like the feel of this selector, it has a ceramic bushing inside and the movement is very smooth. The left and right are reversed for our application so I machined off the original markings and engraved new ones.

I secured most of the fuel lines by wrapping a piece of 1/2 x 3/8 in tygon tubing around the line and then attaching to fuselage tubing with white hockey tape. Where it is hard to wrap tape I use nylon waxed lacing, again around a piece of tygon tube. A good deal of these areas get covered in fabric.


  1. Did you use 3003-0 or 5052-0 tubing for the fuel lines? I know that 5052-0 is used on most production planes and I believe that is what Bob recommends, but with all the required twists and turns, it sure looks a lot easier to use 3003-0.

    • I used 3003. The only time I use 5052 is when there is a straight run of significant length and I have some in stock. I have used 3003 almost exclusively on the last five planes I have done and I have never had any issues at all.

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